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Getting Good Deals on Events Space without Negotiating

on Monday, 19 September 2016. Posted in News Archive

Follow these few simple tips when looking for space with your next event or meeting and you're more than likely going to get a better rate!

Getting Good Deals on Events Space

1 - Conference centres are quieter on Mondays and Fridays

Venues are always interested in filling up occupancy before and after weekends. Plan your event to take place on a Monday or Friday and you could get a significantly reduced day delegate or room rate.

2 - Keep a school holiday calendar with you

The events industry and demand for space dips drastically around school and national holidays.

3 - Plan all your events at the same time

You'll get a better deal when you offer all your potential event dates at the same time. It's advantageous to both you and the venue - it'll be convenient for you to keep your events in the same event space throughout the year, and the venue will be keen to secure your business and will find it easier to justify a better discount on bulk dates.

4 - Day delegate rates are better value than room hire rates

If you really won't need more than four walls to have a meeting, a day delegate rate package works out far more cost effective, even if on the face of it it will seem like a more costly option. Click here to learn more about our Day Delegate Packages

5 - Have an open mind on location

There is a misconception that venues in city centres are more convenient or more appealing for delegates to want to visit. Truthfully, any major hub city globally is so well connected that this really isn't the case anymore. Canary Wharf in London, for example is served by it's own light rail, underground, bus system and a dedicated airport. You'll also get a better rate on hires for locations not immediately central. Compared with central London's older rail links and traffic jams.

CCT Venues - Bank Street, Canary Wharf

CCT Venues - Barbican

CCT Venues - South Quay, Canary Wharf

CCT Venues - Farringdon

CCT Venues - Smithfield

6 - Be honest with your Sales Associate

The events industry is incredibly competitive. Be honest with your Sales Associate when they ask you what other venues you are interested in, and how much they are quoting you. The more transparent you are with your needs and budget the more we can help deliver what you need.

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