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It's All In The Details

on Tuesday, 26 January 2016. Posted in News Archive

It's All In The Details

When planning a business event it can be easy to overlook all of the essential details that can make or break your event

Your key focus is most likely the subject matter, content and purpose of your event. We aren't saying there's anything wrong with this, but in order to engage your team/audience you need more than just great content.

Whether it’s a conference, meeting or training, there is nothing more miserable than attending an event that isn't engaging, where you find yourself watching the clock. At a great event time should fly by, with people interacting and investing their interest.

People will notice and appreciate the effort you put in; if you take the time to cater for them then they will take the time to listen and contribute. It is important in business to leave people with a lasting impression, so they remember you and your business/message as well as mention it to others. To build a reputation you must first be reputable and how you plan your events impacts this.

Ensuring the comfort of your guests

No matter your budget it is still important to demonstrate that you have made an effort and put some thought into the comfort of your guests. Something as simple as having a table with water, tea, coffee and snacks available, will give a positive impression. Refreshments are a great way to energise your team. It is important to first consider the nature of the event and structure of the day so you can plan refreshments and breaks accordingly. If you are hosting a formal company awards evening then the catering needs will be very different to that of a training day. If your event starts early in the morning it would be a welcome gesture to offer breakfast on arrival, whether that be a buffet or simply a bacon bap and coffee or tea.

Schedule breaks and be considerate

You don’t want people getting hungry but you certainly also don’t want people loosing focus, distracted by the refreshments, which is why scheduling in breaks is critical. If you decide to serve refreshments it’s a good idea to inform attendees in advance so they don’t need to worry about whether or not they need to bring lunch etc. Be considerate of dietary requirements and enquire in advance if anyone has any specific needs. It is always a good idea to provide a vegetarian and gluten free option, and avoid using nuts where possible to avoid any disasters.

The venue where you choose to host your event makes a big impression. Nobody wants to spend time in a cold, noisy, unappealing environment, sat on an uncomfortable chair – it won’t leave anyone with a great impression of you and your business. When choosing a venue make sure that it will provide all essential necessities to make your attendees comfortable.

When choosing your venue you should always consider the following:-

Location – is it easy to get to and if so provide directions to the building including parking and public transport information.

Catering facilities

Technical Support – If you have specific technical requirements ensure that these are all available and in working order.


Comfort – If people are going to be seated for a significant period of time you need to be sure that they will be comfortable.

Toilet facilities

Assistance – If you require additional staff for catering, reception etc. you need to check that the venue can provide/accommodate for this.

Temperature – This may sound trivial but it’s so important to find a venue that will be comfortable to spend time in; you don’t want anyone feeling chilly or loosing concentration because it’s stuffy.

Acoustics – When you are talking you need to be heard, so ensure that there are no distracting disruptions such as building works or traffic.

When planning an event it's important to check that your date doesn't conflict with any other related business events that may affect attendance.

Once you have your refreshments, venue and date arranged, you need to pay attention to the additional details that will reinforce your message/purpose. Make sure you brand your event where possible; you don’t want to overdo it but subtle reinforcements, strategically placed will help build a brand presence and deliver your message. Stick to a consistent colour theme to match your branding. Also, to leave a lasting impression it’s always a good idea to provide attendees with a branded item, such as a pen or notepad that they can use and take home.

At CCT Venues, we appreciate the importance of your event, which is why we overlook no detail.

We cater for all needs, ensuring that your event will be one to be remembered.
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