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What Makes for a Great Corporate Event?

on Friday, 29 January 2016. Posted in News Archive

What Makes for a Great Corporate Event?

A great corporate event is multifaceted. Content should be relevant and topical, delivered by strong speakers

You need a good audience – a critical mass of engaged individuals. Then you need the right venue to ensure the event becomes great, a poor venue could ruin it.


Advanced planning ensures clear understanding of expectations and requirements.


Should be welcoming, quick and efficient, providing key information for delegates.

Room Set-Up

The appropriate layout and plenty of space are important. Keep seats reserved for guests and late arrivals. The room should start cold, bodies will heat it up!


Presentations should be pre-loaded and tested, speakers mic’ed up in advance and technicians accessible.

Breaks & Service

You need plenty of space for networking & excellent refreshments, but nothing heavy. Service should be fast, efficient and friendly.


Late or absent speakers frequently change timetables. A good venue is ready with solutions, changing break times, loading new presentation etc.


Events should be effectively promoted via multiple channels. Promotion should be considered before, during and after the event to communicate and reinforce your message.


Collect and learn from it!

Understanding and Achieving Your Purpose

There needs to be a very clear purpose for hosting your corporate event and this needs to be communicated and reflected in your planning. There should always be three considerations when planning an event:

Attract an audience and provoke interest. Holding a corporate event is pointless if there's no turnout.

Engage your audience/guests. If your audience aren't engaged then your event will be of little meaning, so ensure all contributing factors are designed to engage and maintain attention.

Provoke action. Your corporate event needs to inspire, motivate or provoke some form of action.

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